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This page is about our first Supreme Grand Champion Rocky.


Rocky, a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll

RW SGC Ragmagic's Rock Anda Hardplace


Rocky is the Fourth best Ragdoll in TICA  for the 2003-2004 show season.. 

The Best Ragdoll  in the Mid-Atlantic Region for the 2003-2004 show season. 

The Eighth Best Cat  in the Mid-Atlantic Region for the 2003-2004 show season.

The Third Best Blue Bicolor in TICA for the 2003-2004 show season.

He was honored at a banquet in Iselin, NJ in July 2004

In addition to his TICA honors, Rocky is also a Champion in CFA.

When Rocky was only 5 months old he received a 9th Allbreed Kitten, 7th Allbreed Kitten, and 5th Allbreed Kitten.  Rocky at nine months of age received his TICA Championship and Grand Championship

In Lancaster at his first adult show he received 2 -  10th Best Cat, 9th Best Cat, 3 - 6th Best Cat, 3rd Best Cat, 2nd Best Cat, and Best Cat.

In Richmond Rocky received 10th Best Cat, 9th Best Cat, 7th Best Cat, 5th Best Cat, 2nd Best Cat.

In Allentown Rocky received 2 - 10th Best Cat, 2 - 6th Best Cat, 2 - 3 rd Best Cat, and Best Cat.

On September 6 & 7, 2003 Rocky attended the National Capital Cat Show in Chantilly, VA.  He received his CFA Championship at this show.

On September 20 & 21, 2003 Dollheaven had a HOT time in Richmond, VA, and a dark time( cat vision would have been helpful) thanks to Hurricane Isabel (no power).  But Isabel did not stop Rocky Rocky received his TICA Triple Grand Championship.

On October 11 & 12, 2003 Rocky was at the Allentown, PA  show.  This show was for the dogs (and other pets, the cat show was part of a Pet Show).  Even with dogs barking in the background Rocky was not stop, he received his TICA Quad Grand Championship along with a Best Cat final from an All Breed judge.

October 25 & 26, 2003 found Rocky back at Richmond, VA for a CFA show. This time we had power and no dogs. Rocky finished in 3 out of 6 rings including a Best Allbreed Champion.

November 14, 15, and 16, 2003 found Dollheaven back at the TICA show in Lancaster.  Rocky finished 4 times including a 2nd Best Cat.  Ki, still a kitten, finished 3 times, with Hot Cocoa, a 1st time kitten, finishing 1 time.

In December 2003 at Gettysburg, PA  Rocky received his Supreme Grand Champion.

Rocky continue to show during the Spring of 2004 where he finished as the fourth best Ragdoll in TICA.  The best Ragdoll and the eighth best cat in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

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