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Dollheaven encourages you to compare several catteries before you make your purchase.   Do not go by what you hear, but visit the catteries to see for yourself.  During the visit ask yourself if the cattery is a clean and a healthy environment?  Are the cats and kittens friendly and come to you?  Are the breeding males separate from the breeding females to avoid unwanted pregnancies?  Is this the cattery you want your kitten to come from?

Dollheaven believes that after comparing other catteries, that you will choose Dollheaven to purchase your Ragdoll kitten.  We look forward to your visit.

If you are within several hours of Dollheaven you are requested to visit us.  You need to contact Dollheaven to receive an appointment. We ask that all family members come, this gives us chance to get to know you and for you to get to know Dollheaven.  It is also requested that you do not come to Dollheaven after visiting another cattery that same day.

Upon your arrival you will be ask to remove your shoes and wash your hands.  This is done to help protect the health of our cats and to insure that you received a healthy kitten from Dollheaven.  There are many cat diseases that can be carried in.

You will be seeing our adults cats and any kittens that may still be here.  In most cases the kittens you will be seeing are already sold.

  You may see the kitten after it has it first set of shots (normally seven to eight weeks old).  This is done to protect the kitten from catching any diseases.  If for some reason you do not like the kitten, Dollheaven will work with you to get the kitten you do want.

























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