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A Seal Tortie Mitted owned by J. Mckinley

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Rascal owned by J. Villareal

A Seal Mitted. We would like to thank Judith for showing this boy. He is a Champion.

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A Blue Bicolor owned by S. Flanagan

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 Red Bi


A Red Bicolor owned by D. Frey


Many of our cats go to visit people in nursing homes


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Danbury owned by J. Martin

Ezra and Ian owned by E. Tubbaji

A Blue Bicolor

Both are seal mitteds

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Teddy and Winston owned by P. Hutcherson

Sophie owned By CJ Bishop

Seal  Mitted and a Flame Mitted

A Blue Bicolor

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Sophie, a Seal Torbie Ragdoll

Rosie, a Seal Point Ragdoll


Rosie - courtesy Tatjana

A Seal Torbie

A Seal Point


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