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SGC Dollheaven Hollywood Hit


RW SGC Dollheaven Hollywood Hit

CFA Champion

A Blue Mitted

When we were thinking of names for this girl it was hard to come up with a good one for her as she has always wanted the spot light. We thought she would probably love the show ring and sure enough many times she will put on a real show for the spectators Mandy is Autumn's kitty and at the show you can many times see Mandy just sitting in Autumn's arms. We are very proud of this girl as she has done very well at the shows..



Marlcreek Lil Pippi

Darlinlildolls Classy of Dollheaven

A Seal Bicolor Lynx

                                A Seal Mitted

 Pippi is a very sweet girl. Again we got her from Char. I would like to thank Char for allowing us to have 2 of her best kittens. We are hoping Pippi will do weel in showing this year.

We ae very thankful that Gail sent Classy to us for our breeding program. She has really been an asset.



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 RW SGC Dollheaven Kisses from Above


A Seal Mitted


Ricki (as we call her) is a very sweet girl. She is the daughter of Classy and Traveler. We have had a lot of fun showing her this past year.



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RW SGC Dollheaven Hollywood Passion


A Seal Bicolor


Best Ragdoll Cat of the MA Region for 2010


10Th Best Cat of 2010
  8Th Best Longhair Cat of 2010


Passion loves to show. She has done excellent in the kitten shows and has already received 3 finals in her first adult show. We are very proud of Passion. Passion loves to show and we are very proud of her accomplishments.


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RW QGC Dollheaven Hollywood Glitter


A Seal Mitted

TICA Second Best seal mitted Ragdoll (2008-2009)

15th Best Longhair cat (2008-2009)

19th Best Longhair Cat for 2010  

Glitzy is Autumn's favorite of the 3 Hollywood kids we kept this time. She also has done very well as a kitten and also received 3 finals in her first adult show.



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