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Dollheaven Ragdolls Colors and Patterns Page


The Ragdoll comes in three accepted standard colors.

  • Seal - A Brown type color.

  • Blue - A Gray type color.

  • Red - A Red or Flame type color.

Liesel, a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll

Dollheaven Liesel

A Blue Bicolor

Ragdoll Divider

Mr. Hugz, a Seal Bicolor Ragdoll

Dollheaven Mr. Hugz of Puppetshow

A Seal Bicolor


The Ragdoll Cat comes in four patterns.

  • Colorpoint - Dark mask, ears, legs, and tail. There are no white markings.
  • Mitted - Dark ears, mask, legs, and tail of a Colorpoint, but have white mitts on the front paws and white back legs.
  • Bicolor - Mask, ears, and tail are well defined. The mask has a white inverted "V". Legs, feet, and ruff are white.
  • Lynx - A Strip variation of the any of the above patterns.


Patty Cake, a Red Mitted Ragdoll

Dollheaven Patty Cake

A Red Mitted

Ragdoll Divider

Mandy, a Blue Mitted Ragdoll

Kay Bee, a Seal Point Ragdoll

CH Dollheaven for Ever N Blu Jeans

Dollheaven Kay Bee

A Blue Mitted

A Seal Point


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