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I first read about Ragdolls in a Cat Fancy magazine that my sister bought for me in 1988 while I was in New Mexico.  My sister knew that I loved large, sweet cats and she had found the article very interesting.

Granddaughter Autumn with Gunner

A Cream Mitted Male

When I got back to Northern Virginia, I called some breeders and asked about getting a breeding female.  I was told I had to have my own male, so I did not pursue it until later.  In 1989, I saw an advertisement for  Ragdolls in Northern Virginia and called the couple.  They said I could purchase a female from them and breed to their males.

I visited their cattery and was told if I would help them with their cats, I could have a little female with whom I had fallen in love.  I agreed and we took our precious baby home.  The next weekend my daughter and I went to help them only to find that their temporary mobile home had burned down.  The man's wife was in the burn ward in Washington, D.C.

I then took complete charge of the remainder of the cats who were in a house they were building.  The man stayed at our home.  When the females came in season, I was told who to breed, and it was from these breedings that I got my first breeders and started with Ann Baker.

After a couple of years, I placed those breeders and bought other Ragdolls.  In 1993 I met Ja Neil Cillessen and purchased Dollhouse Daisy from her.  She in turn introduced me to Sue Bugdin from whom I purchased Ragmar Blue Thunder.  Daisy and Thunder then became the backbone of Dollheaven.

The Lord has truly blessed me and my cats as I have dedicated my cattery to Him - hence the name Dollheaven.











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