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RW SGC Willowtreerags What All Women Want

A Seal MItted


Wes as we call him did very well in the show halls. We are proud and thankful that my good friend Mable has allowed us to have this boy. I hope that he will give us many SGC




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 RW SGC Razldazldolls Top Gun of Dollheaven

A Cream Mitted Male

Thank you Cindy DeWolfe for Gunner.  He is a beautiful and very sweet boy.  Autumn loves showing him. He is Autumn's kitty and loves to sleep with her.

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Traveler, a Blue Bicolor Ragdoll

IW RW SGC Kylador Travelin Salesman

A Blue Bicolor


TICA Second Best Ragdoll 2005-2006

CFA Champion

Traveler is a big boy and a very sweet one. I loved showing him.I would like to thank Karen Wright of Kylador for sending him to me. Some of his kittens will be seen in the show halls this next year. He is not only a regional winner but also an international winner.






 RW Marlcreek Love the Look

 CFA Champion and also a CCA Champion

Looker is a really sweet boy. We are very proud to have him and I would like to thank my good friend Charmayne Gillissie for allowing me to have him. We are looking forward to his kittens this year.



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